Project Description

Medical Alert In-Home Personal Emergency Response System

A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) for in-home use. The 24/7 Medical Alert In-Home unit is an attractive console that calls a professionally monitored central station when activated by a wireless pendant transmitter.

  • Help will arrive in minutes.
  • The system works through your existing home phone line.

Transmitter Features

  • Weighs less than 1/2 ounce and is comfortable.
  • No larger than a postage stamp.
  • Waterproof (wear in the shower)!
  • Uses a Lithium battery that lasts up to 10 years.
  • Recommend testing every 30 days.

Activation Request Form:

For your convenience we offer two formats to use our fill-in Activation Request Form.

or email information to

Installation and Testing Procedures:

Frequently Asked Questions

There is an affordable one-time initial fee. $50.00 Installation or $25.00 if shipped to you plus a monthly monitoring fee of $24.00 billed quarterly. Since we offer specials, call for a no-obligation quote. Toll Free 877-792-4494 or 800-435-7628. You pay the monthly monitoring fee quarterly or semi-annually.

No. The transmitter, unit and the phone cord are the property of CENTROL.

No. Sorry. Our payment agreement is between you and CENTROL.

Call 877-792-4494 and tell us so we can take you offline. Then send back the system to CENTROL, 1901 Dorcas Lane, Wilmington, DE 19806.

While the construction of your home has a lot to do with range of the signal sent by the transmitter, your coverage will be a radius of 150-200 feet. Feel free to test your range by having a person stand by your unit while another person moves about your home pressing the transmitter. When the unit receives the signal from the transmitter it will beep. The person standing by the unit simply presses the RESET button to stop the call from going any further. REMEMBER: You are only covered in and around your home. You cannot go to the store and expect coverage. That technology has not yet been perfected.

Relax! You will always be treated with respect and courtesy. When you hear the voice asking how they can help you, simply tell them you hit the button by mistake and there is no emergency. Not a problem at all.

While we strongly suggest you wear your transmitter (button) all the time, some people prefer to take it off at night putting it within reach on a table. Nights are when most falls happen.

Yes. Your transmitter is waterproof. Use your discretion!

Replacement or additional transmitters are $49.50 each. Call CENTROL (Toll Free 877-792-4494) to order.

There is a backup battery in the unit that will keep your system working for up to 8 hours. It is a rechargeable type that recharges as long as it is plugged into an active power outlet that is not operated by a wall switch.

According to where you live. Most often you will have it the next day. UPS will bring the unit to your door and the installation instructions are easy. If we have a representative in your area, we will be happy to install the system for you.

  1. There is a Lithium battery in the transmitter (button you wear). The battery life is approximately 10 years. We cannot guarantee batteries since we are not the manufacturer. Therefore, the only way to know if the transmitter is working is to test.
  2. Testing is a way for the subscriber to become familiar with the system. So, when and if they need help, they are more comfortable pressing the transmitter and talking with the professional who answers.
  3. It is possible that the phone line could be inadvertently disconnected. The call will not be able to go through. TESTING is the only way to be sure everything is securely plugged in and working properly!
    • Press the transmitter.
    • When the professional speaks to you, tell them you are just testing and there is NO Emergency.
    • They will disconnect the call and you are finished.

We ask you to test once a month.

No problem. Even if you move from one state to another. Just give us a call PRIOR to your change and give us the new information in advance. (Call 877-792-4494)

We will give you a free month for any new subscriber who signs up for our service.

The in-home product is called 24/7 Medical Alert. Our company name is CENTROL.

Three month signed contract. Renewable automatically until we hear from you.

Security Central Monitoring is a dependable, professional monitoring station located in Statesville, North Carolina. When you have an emergency, they will speak to you through the console unit. If they dispatch an ambulance, the phone call to your list of people to notify will come from North Carolina.

Sorry. All the system available today in the emergency response systems industry require the analog sounds that the standard analog phone system emits. Therefore, digital phone systems are not compatible. If you have a digital phone line through your computer, you will need to get a separate standard analog dial tone line to be compatible with any medical alert product on the market today. The programmed phone number in the console is an “800” number therefore, it is not a long distance charge to you.