Project Description

5200 Voice Communicator
WTC Transmitter

Provides voice communication between resident and caregiver via GSM cell network. Receives signals from transmitters to allow residents flexibility in emergency methods. Requires V-Cube Appliance and computer for proper operation.

Key Specifications and Special Features

  • Call and Cancel Buttons
  • Concierge Feature
  • 10 Transmitter Memory
  • Must Use With V-cube Appliance
  • In-bound Caller ID For Auto Answers and Announcements
  • 24 Hour Battery Backup

Transmitter Features

  • Wearable “WTC” Transmitter as wrist or Pendant.
  • Small, comfortable, lightweight
  • Can be worn in the Shower
  • Lithium Battery’s life expectancy is 3-5 years, acccording to use.
  • Easily programmed into or out of 5200 system.
  • Recommend testing every 30 days