Project Description

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R-Cube has the simplicity and functionality I’ve always wanted from an emergency call system. I only need to carry one device, and it works the way it’s supposed to. When a resident needs help, I know who it is, where they are, and the nature of their call. R-Cube lets me do my job and provide our residents with the level of care they deserve.

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R-Cube has made my job so much easier for one simple reason: it just plain works. I can access the system from my office and make changes on the fly, no service call needed. The system is completely battery-backed so if we lose power, I know at least one of my systems is going to work. I feel comfortable knowing I have a local distributor who knows me and my facility. To me, R-Cube means no worries.

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R-Cube gives me the tools to provide the quality of care that my residents deserve. I easily customized my R-Cube system to exactly what my staff and I need to care for our residents. I can get emails right to my desk or smartphone with key metrics and reporting data that I’ve used to increase quality of care. R-Cube is just what I was always looking for!


The wireless R-Cube Monitoring System is the most effective, most affordable, easiest to use personal emergency response system on the market today. It is that simple!

There is no monthly fee for the R-Cube system unless the facility chooses to have an offsite central station to monitor their calls.

R-Cube is user friendly and a system designed so that anyone can use it, regardless of technical aptitude.

The main components are: Transmitters (wearable Transmitters, Pull Cords, Door,  Network), locators, repeaters and master receiver: and a base R-Cube Unit.

There is no disruption to the facility residents while the system is being installed.

There is a comprehensive one year Warranty.

No phone lines are required and no phones need to be purchased.

The R-Cube Monitoring system provides verifiable information used in locating, assisting, and communicating with residents and caregivers for routine monitoring and during local medical emergencies. Incident information is stored by the system and can be used to create reports for tracking, managing, facilitating and improving ongoing site operations.

The system uses state of the art integrated wireless components linked to the R-cube System Appliance which can be accessed from any network connected device, such as a PC or laptop.

More questions? Contact CENTROL with your questions.  Call 877-792-4494 about Wireless Personal Emergency Response Systems for your facility.