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5200 Voice Communicator


Provides voice communication between resident and caregiver via GSM cell network. Receives signals from transmitters to allow residents flexibility in emergency methods. Requires V-Cube Appliance and computer for proper operation.

NurseAlert ™


For use in Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities. In just minutes, NurseAlert™ can be plugged into your existing Nurse Call system. NurseAlert™ gives a resident the freedom to move away from the “button” and still get help when needed.

R-Cube/V-Cube Appliance


The wireless R-Cube Monitoring System is the most effective, most affordable, easiest to use personal emergency response system on the market today. It is that simple!

3900 Voice Communicator


For Facility use, the 3900 needs the support of the wireless V-Cube appliance and a computer. Resident presses wearable WTC transmitter to signal the 3900 to begin to dial. The 3900 unit will dial up to 4 phone numbers that have been pre-programmed.